Total Body Lift Patient

Dismayed with the results of a tummy tuck and breast augmentation that she had in 2009 by another surgeon in Los Angeles, this 34 year-old woman came to Dr. Siamak Agha requesting to undergo multiple body contouring procedures as well as tummy tuck and breast augmentation revisions. Specifically, the patient was unhappy with her low breast implants and her high tummy tuck scar, as well as her outer thigh and buttock sagging after significant weight loss.

Upon examination, the patient's breasts were both sagging, lacked upper fullness and her implants were too low on her chest, with the right implant being higher than the left implant. The patient also had an uneven tummy tuck scar that was wide, and high on the sides, as well as lower back and love-handle fatty fullness, outer thigh and buttock deflation and laxity.

The patient underwent an outer thigh lift, buttock lift, tummy tuck revision to lower her tummy tuck scar,  lower back liposuction, buttock fat transfer, and breast augmentation revision with breast lift. Post-operative photos taken 3 months after her body contouring surgeries and her revisions.

Judge with a Critical Eye

When considering plastic surgery after weight loss or extreme body contouring, body lift before and after photos can say a thousand words. Look at before and after galleries with a critical eye. They can give you a good idea of the possible results and offer a preliminary indicator of a surgeon's experience and skill level. On Dr. Agha’s extensive gallery of total body lift and lower body lift pictures, look at the quality of scars, scar placement in relation to bikini or underwear, symmetry of our scars, and before and after photos from multiple angles to show symmetry of results. However, as you can appreciate, individual results may vary from one patient to another.