Arm Lift Costs In Los Angeles and Orange County

How much does an arm lift cost?

Like any other plastic surgery procedure, the arm lift cost includes cost of anesthesia, operating room, and Dr. Agha’s professional fees. Also, the arm lift cost depends on other factors such as the length of surgery. The latter is affected by the type of the arm lift procedure that you may needed. Hence, the arm lift cost is higher for the more complex procedures that take a longer time in the operating room. In southern California, the average arm lift cost can vary from 5000 to 8000 dollars. While the more experienced surgeons will obviously charge more for the procedure, the old saying that you get what you pay for is appropriate to use when it comes to cosmetic surgery. The more experience the surgeon has the better chances that the outcome of the procedure will be exactly what you are expecting.

What financing options are available for an arm lift?

At plastic surgery body contouring center, we provide several financing options for arm lift and other plastic surgery procedures. Financing options vary from 6 months to 5 years through carecredit and surgeryloans.com.

What does arm lift cost include?

Arm lift cost includes anesthesia, operating room, and Dr. Agha’s professional fees

What other factors affect arm lift cost?

Arm lift cost also depends on other factors such as the length of surgery, the complexity of procedure and whether liposuction is needed or not.

How to reduce arm lift cost?

One way to reduce the arm lift cost is to combine it with another procedure. Multiple plastic surgery procedures in general cost less than individual procedure.