Selfie Craze Causes Surge in Lip Surgery

Lip Surgery in Los Angeles and Orange County

The rising popularity of the “selfie” – or self-portrait photograph – has given rise to lip surgery for those who are not satisfied with the way they look in close-up pictures. The selfie has become so popular that it was added to the English dictionary in 2013.

Having plump, full lips is often considered a sign of beauty, youth, and good health. This look is often accented in selfies. There are many ways to enhance thin lips to create a fuller, poutier look.

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How to Maintain Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery is used to treat obesity issues. It is a major event for someone who is obese, and gives them a new beginning with a better shot at successful weight loss. The surgery and aftercare, including lifestyle changes, can offer the individual great weight loss results.

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Study Shows That Body Contouring After Weight Loss is Better on a Weekday in LA

At Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center, our goal is your satisfaction. We’ll schedule your appointment at a time that is best for you, and make sure that you’re able to receive the body lift that will have you looking and feeling your best in no time.

We’re always interested in following the latest research, and that’s why we were intrigued by a study published only a short time ago, titled “The “Weekend Effect” in Plastic Surgery: Analyzing Weekday Versus Weekend Admissions in Body Contouring Procedures from 2000 to 2010.”

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Quality of Life and Social Performance Improve After Circumferential Abdominoplasty

Obesity is a serious problem. It has numerous health consequences, affects your quality of life and self-esteem, and can drastically shorten your life span. For those struggling with obesity, bariatric surgery is often the only option.

Yet it is an effective one: bariatric surgery has been shown to help those with obesity lose as much as 65% of their excess body weight, and can “cure” or help manage diabetes in as many as 90% of those that undergo the procedure, in addition to dozens of other health benefits.

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Obese Teens Benefit From Bariatric Surgery and Body Lifts in Los Angeles

Weight loss surgery, better known as bariatric surgery, has long been the favored option for those living with obesity and obesity related disease (including diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, etc.) that simply could not control their weight despite attempts at diet and exercise. Bariatric surgery is considered a last resort, but it is one of the most effective last resorts available, found to safely reduce weight by as much as 60% or more within just a few years.

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Arm Lift Recovery Tips for Los Angeles Arm Lifts

Although it may not always feel like a priority, your arms say so much about your health and your age. Your arms are very difficult to hide in most shirts, and they’re one of the most visible parts of you all throughout the day – both to you and to everyone around you.

After significant weight loss, the arms are often left with significant skin laxity, where the skin around the arms is loose and hangs in a way that can look unappealing to the eye, and in some cases can lead to discomfort when running/exercising, and in day to day life.

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Skin Laxity After Weight Loss Surgery in Los Angeles– Why Does Rapid Weight Loss Cause Sagging Skin?

Bariatric surgery saves lives. It is perhaps the most effective weight loss method available when diet and exercise have failed, and in some cases can reduce fat and risk for obesity related diseases by as much as 95%. For those that are struggling with morbid obesity, weight loss surgery can literally be a “life saver.”

But while significant weight loss is better for your health, not everyone that experiences that weight loss is satisfied. That is because significant weight loss after bariatric surgerycan lead to what’s known as skin laxity – weak skin and tissue that hangs, chaffs, and makes some people feel like a “deflated balloon.”

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Why It’s Better to Wait Until After Weight Loss for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has always been a contentious topic. Many people that have struggled with obesity often look towards plastic surgery, hoping to find a solution to their weight problems to help them feel better about their appearance, and possibly find some relief from the issues associated with significant weight.

At Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center, our patients come to us AFTER they have lost weight, often through means like bariatric surgery, and other weight loss surgeryprocedures. We believe strongly that plastic surgery needs to wait until after weight loss has occurred – not just because of body changes, but also because research supports the idea that plastic surgery while obese carries extra danger.

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Realistic Body Expectations Crucial After Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery is proven to be one of the most effective ways to combat obesity when diet and exercise have failed. Most bariatric surgery, including gastric sleeve and gastric bypass, has been proven effective at not only promoting excess weight loss by an average of 60% or more, but also reducing the risk (or possibly even curing) obesity related diseases while extending the individual’s overall lifespan.

Obesity has been linked to depression, anxiety, and a host of potentially deadly physical health conditions. Yet there is sobering research about what happens after surgery, particularly with regards to self-harm.

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How Long After Bariatric Surgery Should You Wait to Get a Body Lift in Orange County and Los Angeles?

When diet and exercise aren’t enough, doctors and surgeons recommend bariatric surgery. Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, is a proven effective way at losing weight quickly. Through a variety of techniques, including LAP Band, Gastric Bypass, and Gastric Sleeve Surgery, patients are able to restrict their diet and lose as much as 66% of their total bodyweight, drastically reducing their risk for obesity related diseases.

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Why is a Short Scar Arm Lift Preferred for Moderate Skin and Tissue Laxity?

Plastic surgeons like Dr. Agha have a variety of options when it comes to treating your excess arm skin and fat. Every single patient is different, which means that when addressing your arms, the specific needs of your surgery may require Dr. Agha to make a different treatment option. But in general, when faced with only moderate skin and tissue laxity, Dr. Agha believes in the short scar arm lift.

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How Long Will a Body Lift Last?

For many patients that have lost extensive weight, the question isn’t whether or not to get a body lift, but when. Body lifts are the most effective way to remove significant amounts of skin and fat from the body, and contour in a way that will build your self-confidence. But many are concerned that if they get a body lift too early, their results may not last until they are older, when most people are concerned about their body.

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Study Shows that Doctors Can Safely Combine Hysterectomy with Panniculectomy

Millions of women will undergo a hysterectomy in their lifetime in order to address certain types of cancers, endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain, and more. Although there is some controversy about the frequency of women undergoing hysterectomies, the numbers are clear – as many as 600,000 women per year in the United States alone (and thousands in Orange Countyand Los Angeles) will undergo a hysterectomy each year, and many more may be in need of one in the future.

Scientists are always looking for ways to improve outcomes in patients, reduce the risk of complications, and make sure that patients are successfully able to feel the way they want to about their bodies. So recently there has been good news in this regard related to the combination of hysterectomies, and at least one component of a lower body lift.

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How Safe Are Major Body Lift Procedures?

Plastic surgery is not without risks. All surgery, especially any major surgery, carries the risks associated with surgery, including bleeding, embolisms, and more. In the hands of a skilled plastic surgeon, especially when recovery steps are taken, the risks are reduced. But these risks are always present, which is why any skilled plastic surgeon will weight he benefits and the risks when determining whether or not you are a good candidate for plastic surgery procedure.

This is especially important for plastic surgery after weight loss, like the upper and lower body lift procedures that are performed here at Plastic Surgery Body Contouring Center in Newport Beach, Orange County, because many of these surgeries are extensive – covering multiple areas of the body, and using a variety of plastic surgery techniques in order to shape the body after significant weight loss has occurred. It’s crucial to determine whether or not performing all of these procedures at once is safe, and whether or not the benefits outweigh the risks.

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Effects of Bariatric Surgery on Skin and Tissues | Orange County and Los Angeles Surgeon

In terms of medical weight loss, there is simply nothing better than bariatric surgery. While attempting diet and exercise is important, those struggling with severe obesity often benefit considerably from bariatric surgery, which often helps men and women lose as much as 100lbs or more in fewer than 24 months.

That type of weight loss can change your life for the better, improving your health, reducing your risk of serious illness, and more. But losing that much weight that quickly can also lead to secondary issues that need to be considered after the weight loss has occurred.

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What to Know About Complications After Thigh Lifts

For many patients that have experienced massive weight loss, the thigh lift is one of the procedures they are looking forward to the most. That is because the thighs are often a point of stress, especially in today’s time when fitness trends and “thigh gaps” have made more and more women self-conscious about the way their thighs look.

Unfortunately, thigh liftsalso carry one problem – they are prone to complications. Despite advancements in plastic surgery safety, there are issues associated with thigh lifts that can be very difficult to avoid. The following are some of the most common issues associated with thighplasty.

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Breast Reshaping Options for Post Bariatric Patients in Los Angeles and Orange County

After substantial weight loss, the body changes dramatically. For many women, no place takes it harder – or causes as much distress – as the chest. Breasts have a tendency to flatten substantially after weight loss, and yet since the skin and tissues remain, the breasts can sag or fall in a way that causes immense psychological distress. In addition, weight loss can leave the breasts significantly misshapen, with little symmetry in shape between the two.

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Common Plastic Surgery Procedures for Post Bariatric Patients in Los Angeles and Orange County

When you struggle with obesity, weight loss is one of the healthiest, best things you can do for your body. When diet and exercise alone are too difficult, it’s not uncommon to seek out alternative options – one of the most common being bariatric surgery, which has an outstanding effect on weight loss.

But that massive weight loss can come with a bit of a cost. You may find yourself losing weight so quickly that your body is completely unable to adjust. Post-bariatric weight loss tends to leave you with very large skin and tissue rolls that don’t firm up simply because the fat is now gone. So while you’ll be physically healthier after losing weight, you may be missing another important part of health: self confidence.

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Complications in Thigh Lift Surgery Are Minor, Says Study

The thigh lift is one of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery after weight loss. Many people report excess skin and fat in their thighs that won’t go away, and those that want to improve their self-confidence after weight loss end up considering a thigh lift.

Thigh lifts though have a bit of a bad reputation statistically. Studies have shown they are one of the most common places for complications, especially when thigh lifts are completed solely on their own. Yet plastic surgery research also wants people to know that despite the high complication “risk,” thigh lifts are a very safe procedure.

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5 Potential Medical Benefits of Tummy Tucks (Abdominoplasty) in the OC and LA

The tummy tuck is a type of lift procedure that has exploded in popularity among those that have lost significant weight. One of the primary spots for excess skin and fat is the abdomen, and a tummy tuck is the most effective plastic surgery procedure for addressing excess belly tissue and shaping the stomach to a look you can be proud of.

The vast majority of patients that undergo a tummy tuck do so because they are interested in a flatter stomach – that’s why this procedure is common not only with those that have lost weight, but also post-pregnancy women, those that struggled with “beer bellies,” and more. Yet, like many cosmetic procedures, the aesthetic benefits are only one piece of the puzzle. The tummy tuck also has many other potential benefits, some of which are medical benefits that can be verified by doctors.

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